Organic Milk the New Zealand Way

The vast landscape, rich volcanic soil & temperate
climate of New Zealand are an ideal combination for
organic farming, allowing us to farm in harmony with 
nature, producing high quality nutritious milk.


365 days pasture


Free from synthetic fertilisers
& pesticides

Located in the green
rolling hills of New Zealand‘s
North Island.

Our organic farms are located in the green rolling hills of New Zealand‘s North Island, with many of these being small family farms which are often in the family for generations. Our organic farms are a precious resource producing less than 1% of New Zealand's milk.

Each of our shareholder‘s farms go through
selection criteria followed by a robust certification process before being accepted into our premium organic milk pool.  

All our farms are independently certified as organic by either AsureQuality or BioGro.

Farming free from synthetic chemicals

Our farmers are passionate about protecting the land and our people for generations to come. Which is why they don't use GMOs or synthetic fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. Instead they use more natural solutions to keep their animals and farm ecosystem naturally healthy.

Anmum ASSURA Organic

Our organic farmers are proud to know their
milk plays a part in creating high quality organic
products such as Anmum ASSURA Organic.