Putting an end to sibling rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

When you have more than one kid at home, sibling rivalry is bound to happen. And this usually causes annoying squabbles that drive mummy up the wall.

But how do we stop sibling rivalry from happening? For a start, we should understand what causes it.

What causes sibling rivalry?

There are many factors, so mummy and daddy will have to be more observant to get to the bottom of things. Most of the time, siblings fight over petty matters like who gets to choose the candy first.

However, sometimes it could be caused by other factors as well such as:

The position in the family

The older sibling might feel that his parents pay more 

attention to the younger sibling.

The gender of the child

For an example, the son might be jealous of how much gentler daddy is to his sister.

How do we end sibling rivalry?

Even though sibling rivalry is perfectly normal (no matter how annoying it may get), parental attitude plays an important role in turning sibling rivalry into a positive note. At the end of the day, siblings will learn how to cooperate and compromise.

Here are a few methods to tackle sibling rivalry and hopefully, to maintain peace in your house:

Don’t take sides

All parents should never ever take sides when siblings fight. Always listen fairly to both sides and remember to never give in to the child who is throwing tantrums.

Let the kids settle it

Sometimes, the kids fight to get the parents attention and to negative attention is better than none at all. So, when you see that there is no true harm that can come from a fight, just ignore it, as ignorance could be bliss.

Praise good behaviour

Always remember to give your kids the praise they deserve when they get along. Kids love getting positive attention from their parents and soon, they’ll come to realise that they enjoy being in each other’s company.