We've been dairy
farming in New Zealand
for more than a century.

From a legacy of farming families to a global investor in research
& development of high quality nutritional products.

Our expertise has grown from a legay of generations of farming families who have made New Zealand a world leader in dairy with a can-do attitude and collaborative spirit.

In that time, we’ve been a global investor in research, innovation, and product safety. We have a team of 250 focussed on innovation and our Fonterra Safety System ensures complete accountability anywhere in the world, and that our products meet the highest global standards.

We’re proud to make nutritional products of the highest quality under the Anmum brand to support childhood development of our young New Zealanders - as well as nutritional products for pregnant and nursing mothers, babies and toddlers around the world.

Fonterra’s predecessor company The New Zealand Dairy Group
develops their first infant formula for a global customer at its Waitoa
plant in the Waikato.

The New Zealand Dairy Group continues to grow its manufacturing
capability, becoming one of the world’s largest contract manufacturers
of Paediatric nutrition

The New Zealand Dairy Group develops its own brand, Anmum™
Materna, to support the unique nutrition requirements of pregnant
mothers, launching in Malaysia & Singapore

The brand expands its range in Asia to offer Anmum™ Lacta specially
designed milk for breastfeeding mothers followed by Anmum™
Essential, the paediatric range. 

Fonterra as we know it today is formed, by the merger of the Dairy
Board with the New Zealand Dairy Group and Kiwi Co-operative