The travelling to-do-list

Pregnant Woman walking on the beach

Travelling is usually safe during your pregnancy if your pregnancy has no complications, although you may need to take precautions and do some extra planning beforehand.

Here are the things you can do before you get going:

1. Consult your healthcare practitioner
Tell your doctor about your plans to travel, and probe for anything you should worry about before it’s too late. Your healthcare practitioner may also be able to tell you if it’s not advisable to travel.

2. Pack your health and medical records
Remember to gather the phone numbers of key people you’ll need to reach in case of emergencies. A copy of your prenatal chart will be helpful too, especially when you’re in your second or third trimester. The chart states your age, your last menstrual period, due date, your risk factors for any diseases, and a few more vital information.

3. Bring all the medications you need
Don’t count on finding any medications where you’re travelling. Make sure you bring enough prescription medications, prenatal vitamins and anything else you’ll need. To avoid unnecessary situations from the authorities, keep them in its original container or pack so it’s clear that your medications are prescribed.