Exercise the right way, not right away

Parent Exercising

Want to lose the baby fat? Get to know what it takes. The right exercise routines can help improve physical strength and stamina, perfect for the job of looking after a newborn. Here are some guides for starters!

Wait for the green light

There are rules about postnatal exercise, so get a clear from your doctor or medical care provider before jumping on the treadmill.

Don’t overdo it

If you’re not getting enough rest from your newborn’s cries in the morning, maybe it’s best to put off your exercises and prioritise your rest.

Stretch right, or stretch marks

Your breasts need support during your exercises. So wear a good fitting sports bra, which help to reduce the risks of stretch marks.

Sweat it

On a scale of 1-10 of intensity - 1 being relaxed breathing and at 10 being unable to talk - aim for a 7. Stay in that zone for 20-30 minutes, three or more times a week to burn off your baby fat.

Light to moderate weight

Avoid heavy weight exercises altogether, and stick to light or moderate ones only. Be selective with your exercises. It’s best to choose one that improves your posture and strengthens your muscles. With so much to do every day, you’re going to need it.