Let’s get financially ready!

Couple Planning Finances for New Baby

Every child is a bundle of joy, and we understand how every parent wants only the best for their child.

In each child we invest more than just money, for we place in them our hopes and dreams for the future as well. Your investment in your child’s dreams and potential begins even before conception, during which prospective moms like yourself should also be consuming a nutritious, balanced and varied diet before conceiving. Yum!


An early start

Want to know just how close you could be to starting this journey? A few quick calculations in your daily expenses will take you far – even before you take this next big step. Check today, and you could get a big head start when getting ready.

Soon, you’ll find that luxuries like your daily mocha or that new pair of designer shoes aren’t quite as important as getting a sweet little something for your child!


Plan ahead

If you’re planning to conceive, a little research into finding the right health benefits and insurance and education policies for your new arrival will pay off in the long run, while offering you some peace-of-mind for the future. Remember, you and your child have a long way to go together!

Also, baby showers are a great way for your friends and family to be involved in your journey through motherhood – chances are, they would be more than happy to share their joy with you in the form of baby clothes and toys!


Workplace entitlements

For today’s women, motherhood and careers go hand-in-hand. Luckily, your new career as a mum doesn’t mean you need to give up the income from your current job and change your financial readiness. That’s as according to Malaysian Labour Law, a female employee is entitled to maternity leave for no less than the eligible period of 60 consecutive days and maternity allowance in respect of the eligible period.


However, your qualifying for maternity allowance depends on certain conditions, so do consult with your employer about your maternity benefits beforehand.


Looking at the big picture

As with all other things big or small, you will be providing for everything your child needs; be it clothes, toys or simply a home to call his own. So, thinking a little further when planning your finances will go a long way in helping your child achieve his fullest potential.