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The Truth about Pregnancy Cravings: 4 Things to Know about It

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  • Pregnancy

Discover healthy and effective ways to handle your food cravings during pregnancy.

When you get pregnant, one of the biggest changes you'll experience is an increase in appetite which is often coupled with unusual food cravings. While this may not apply to everyone, quite a few number of expectant moms often go through this phase. Some of them even developed odd food pairing and combinations which leaves you to wonder as to what and why this urge takes place. To shed some light on this, here are a few things worth knowing.

Why Do You Have Cravings?

Although not yet proven, studies suggest that pregnancy cravings is a way to let you know that your body needs certain nutrients and minerals to function well. It is also often attributed to the sudden surge of hormones, which enhances your appetite and fuels up odd food craving combinations. In addition to cravings, many pregnant women also experience sudden dislike or aversion towards certain foods. This can also be credited to the change of hormones.

What You Could Do About It?

It's okay to give in to the cravings occasionally. However, it's important to keep your diet under control, especially when you're leaning towards sweets or unhealthy food choices. This could trigger weight gain, dental problems, and health risks. To guide you throughout your journey, it's best to consult your physician about how to have a healthy and active lifestyle.

When Does It Take Place?

Soon-to-be moms often develop food cravings during the first and second, or even until their third trimester of pregnancy. It all depends on how active their hormones are. There are even cases that the cravings continue a few weeks after delivery. However, the food combinations are much more normal during that time so you wouldn't have to worry about it.

Unusual & Non-Food Cravings

In rare cases, there are a few pregnant moms who experience strong non-food cravings. Experts refer to this condition as "Pica." Science has yet to uncover the reason behind this unusual pregnancy craving, however, it is often associated with anemia or iron deficiency, in which the body needs to replenish the low nutrient levels. At occasions like this, it's important to talk to your doctor to help you deal with it.

Having cravings throughout pregnancy is a completely normal occurrence. At certain occasions, giving into it helps normalize hormone levels, but it's important to keep watch of your diet to avoid any complications to your health.

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