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What are the 8 Signs of a Healthy Pregnancy?

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  • Nutrition
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Many mothers, especially first-timers, wonder if they’re doing enough for their little ones. Pregnancy can be an amazing, exciting, and confusing time for a lot of women. But how can one really tell what the marks of a healthy pregnancy are? To help, the 8 Signs of a Healthy Pregnancy as a guide to a happy and healthy motherhood journey!


Anmum Materna has essential nutrients needed to help protect you and your baby from unwanted infections because it contains Vitamin A, C, and D. These help maintain a strong immune system and contribute to your baby's proper development. It also has probiotics DR10, which is unique to Anmum, and supports healthy digestion aiding the nutrient absorption of the body. Anmum also has Zinc, which aids in better metabolism and faster healing of wounds.


Mommies require stronger bones to support the weight of their babies, while babies need to grow strong bones and teeth during development. Good thing Anmum Materna is filled with Calcium, Vitamin D, and Magnesium so you and your little one can take on the world. Pregnant women with Vitamin D deficiency are prone to complications like pre-eclampsia, diabetes, premature birth, and in severe cases, rickets (flexible bones). So, make sure to give your baby and yourself the nutrients you need!


Folic Acid is one of the nutrients present in Anmum Materna. This is required for the proper growth and development of your little one. A lack of Folic Acid could spell some negative effects for both you and your child. Mommies may become susceptible to experiencing anemia and peripheral neuropathy, while fetuses could become prone to congenital abnormalities.


Anmum Materna has Probiotics DR10 and prebiotics to aid in digestive health. DR10 cultures survive digestion and have lasting effects on enzyme function. Having this proper balance of bacteria in your intestines plays an important role in digestion and gut health. Probiotics also help relieve gas and bloating, which are common for mommies during pregnancy. 


Protein can also be found in our milk. This nutrient helps build and maintain tissues and muscles. With this, your body may experience healthy weight gain - and aid baby’s fetal development - during the critical window of pregnancy called the First 1,000 Days. Protein also helps in extra blood production for both of you.


Your little one does not only deserve a healthy body, but a healthy mind, too! Good news is Anmum Materna has DHA, which plays a role in the development and maturation of brain and neurotransmitter pathways. Anmum helps maintain babies’ healthier brain functions for better memory and faster learning.


During pregnancy, having the right amount of red blood cells helps your baby grow and develop, especially during the third trimester. Lack of iron results in iron-deficiency anemia, the most common type of anemia in pregnancy. Good thing Anmum also has Vitamin B12, which plays a crucial role in making red blood cells and protein. 


Anmum Materna has the nutrients you need to give you that daily energy! Vitamins B1, B2, and B3, often known as the vitamin B complex, help uplift your day and support your baby’s growth. All these help ensure a happy and healthy pregnancy journey for you, mommy!

Of the many things on your pregnancy checklist, all these 8 signs are important. Good thing Anmum Materna has essential nutrients like Iron, DHA, MFGM, GA, Probiotics DR10, and 100% folate, zinc and calcium. All these support your pregnancy needs. Drink Anmum Materna today and get the Complete Nutrition that supports all the 8 Signs of a Healthy Pregnancy, mommy!