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Maternal Milk vs Regular Milk

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  • Nutrition
  • Pregnancy

Whether you’re in your first, second or third pregnancy, your health (and your little one’s!) will always be top priority throughout your term. Like any expecting mom, you’re ready to do whatever it takes, including lifestyle changes and little sacrifices. But did you know that even the smallest nutrition choices could make a big difference?

Here are five reasons why choosing doctor-recommended maternal milk is an important factor in achieving optimum pregnancy health:

1. Iron and calcium deficiency is common in pregnancy

It is important to make sure you are acquiring the right amount of iron and calcium throughout your pregnancy. Maternal milk such as Anmum Materna is high in iron and calcium to help in baby’s development of bones and teeth. With the right amount of calcium taken each day, your bones stay healthy and strong enough to carry your little one.

2. Not all pregnancies are the same

Depending on your medical history and body type, you may be prone to more complications than others. Drinking maternal milk such as Anmum Materna meets the pregnancy nutritional needs your usual diet can’t.

3. Folic Acid is your best friend

For a pregnant woman, Folic Acid is one of the most essential vitamins for a healthy pregnancy as it aids in the growth and development of the fetus. Drinking maternal milk that is high in Folic Acid such as Anmum Materna helps ensure baby’s physical and mental development.

4. It helps prevent Neural Tube Defects

Anmum is carefully formulated by doctors to ensure that the needs of both you and your baby are met. Maternal milk contains essential vitamins and nutrients such as DHA, GA, and Gangliosides, which help prevent abnormalities such as Neural Tube Defect.

5. Low in fat and high in fibre

Pregnancy can leave you feeling heavy and sluggish, but maternal milk is low in fat and high in fibre to ensure you feel light and energetic throughout your term. Only Anmum is also especially formulated with DR10 probiotics that help ensure proper absorption of nutrients.

Anmum Materna is the choice partner of pregnant women in the Philippines and around the world.