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Pregnancy Pampering: Beauty Treatments for Expectant Moms

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Of course, you should have your “me time” and book that pampering session.

But first, read up on the which treatments are safe for your baby and which ones you should take off your calendar. Because pregnancies can be very unique, consult with your doctor first about what pampering treatments you are allowed to engage in and when in your pregnancy would they be safe to have.

Here’s a general guide to getting pampered for pregnant mamas-to-be:


A professional facial can feel fantastic, especially with all the skin changes happening now. Try oxygen facials that increase circulation, hydrating facials to moisturize parched skin, and deep-cleansing facials if you’ve been breaking out with all those extra hormones. Meanwhile, avoid abrasive treatments (like microdermabrasion), aggressive treatments, and deep extractions, as well as aromatherapy, retinoids, chemical peels, and hot stones.


Massage therapy during pregnancy can feel amazing. It can reduce anxiety and depression as well as relieve muscle and joint pains. However, do find a therapist or spa service that specializes in prenatal massage, which is designed to adapt to your changing anatomy. Warning: if you have any health conditions (diabetes, morning sickness, preeclampsia, high blood pressure, etc.), you’ll need to talk to your doctor before booking that massage session to avoid complications.

Hair Treatments

Avoid getting your hair colored or permed while you’re pregnant.


Keep your manicure and pedicure appointments, but you may want to forego nail polish and stick to a basic cleaning because if you suddenly need to undergo a Cesarean section, or any surgery for that matter during your pregnancy, your doctor will need your nails to be clear. Also, to be safe, be sure the manicurist doesn’t massage the area between your anklebone and heel (many believe it can trigger contractions).

Body Hair Removal

It’s safe to get a wax while pregnant, but be careful—your skin is extra sensitive right now and easily irritable. Avoid lasering, electrolysis and bleaching for now as there isn’t enough research that tell us that they’re safe during pregnancy. Also, don’t use hair removal creams, as most use barium sulfide powder and calcium thioglycolate, which mess with the protein structure of hair. We don’t know if they can affect the developing babies but they have caused allergic reactions in some cases. Better safe than sorry.

Tattoos and Piercings

Don’t do it. The risk of contracting infections such as hepatitis B and HIV is worrying. 

Teeth Whiteners

Avoid professional and over-the-counter whitening products. You can try using natural products like mixing strawberry (which contains malic acid, a natural substance that breaks down stains) and baking soda into a paste. Let it sit for five minutes then rinse.


Do not use tanning beds and tanning during pregnancy.  Tanning beds raise your body temperature, which could pose a risk to your fetus. Self-tanners like creams, spray-ons, gels, and foams are generally safe, but you should ask your doctor. There’s also the issue with your hormones messing up the process, leaving a bit more orange than tan. Tanning also increases your risk of chloasma (skin discoloration also known as “the mask of pregnancy”).

Body Wraps

Any treatment that can raise your body temperature to dangerous levels for the baby. The core temperature of a pregnant woman should not go above 39ºC.

Saunas and Steam Rooms

Skip them. Saunas can cause hyperthermia (abnormally high body temperature), which can lead to an increased risk of birth defects during the first trimester.


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