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Body Odor During Pregnancy and Its Remedies

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One of the most amazing things that occur during pregnancy is how expectant mothers develop a very sensitive sense of smell. It’s practically a superpower. Except it also means that they are easily bothered by smells that not everyone can sense.

Interestingly, you also end up being able to smell your own odor changes—and you’re probably not liking it.

What’s happening?

Hormonal changes - Increased quantities of the hormone estradiol is what heightens your sense of smell, and it’s what makes your body produce a strong smell. The main areas affected are your genitals and armpits. That could be why you feel offended by your own body odor.

Extra sweating – Your sweat glands have become hyperactive, that you sometimes sweat even in colder temperatures. While sweat is odorless, once it settles on the skin, bacteria can thrive and create a bad body odor.

Breastfeeding prep – As your body changes to get ready to feed your baby, it develops signals to bring your baby closer to you. This includes an intensified body smell, which is one of the ways your baby will be able to identify you. The strong smell from your armpits will redirect your baby’s head to the direction of your breasts.

Diet changes – As you try to eat better, the food you eat also affects your body composition. The amino acid in red meat affects the body’s smell for hours, even days. Seafood affects the odor produced by both sweat and vaginal discharge. Sulphur in some vegetables (like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower) is absorbed by the bloodstream and erupts as sweat; when mixed with bacteria, it results in a foul smell. Some medications also cause a change in body odor!


What’s a mama to do?

You can take more baths, eat less smelly food, and drink more water, but it could be that you should just let it go. In most cases, you might be the only one who can spot those smells—with your super senses activated.  

If you feel that you have a severe case of body odor, you can talk to your doctor and ask for a plan to lessen it. He may recommend medicated soap or change your prescription.


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