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Summer Trips and Safety Measures for New Moms

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Summer is here and you just had your baby a few months ago. Are you already allowed to go out of town to enjoy a nice vacation with the entire family? Of course you are, but when travelling with a newborn baby, there are some pointers you need to think about and details you need to have prepared for your trip to run smoothly.

Transportation and location matter.

You can already travel distances with your newborn baby by plane but take note of the following tips for a smooth trip:

  • Sit near the restroom so you can easily go there when the baby needs a diaper change.

  • Feed your baby before boarding and burp you baby so the air pressure from the cabin doesn’t give them abdominal pain.

  • Have your baby lie down or sleep to relax their eardrums because the air pressure can also affect their sensitive ears.

Road trips are safer for newborn babies but extra caution is still a must.

  • If you opt to travel by car, make sure the baby seat is secure and your baby is strapped in for safety.

  • Remember to never let the baby sit in front so as to not let them get that close to the air conditioner. In case of any road problems, they are far from the emergency airbags too.

  • Include stopovers every few hours so that the baby doesn’t get diaper rash and avoid long distances if you choose to travel by land.

Consider the location.

  • Check if the places you are staying in are near local hospitals or clinics in case of emergency. You can often check through the resort website facts about them and their services like the food they serve to guests and their accommodations and if you need to clarify anything, just call them ahead of time to have things prepared.

Bring the essentials.

Here are a couple of essentials new moms shouldn't forget to bring on their trip:

  • Nursing Bib (for breastfeeding moms)

  • Baby Food (if possible, in sachets for easy packing)

  • Plastic Bib for your baby

  • Baby Blankets and a travel crib if your hotel or destination doesn't supply one.

  •  A lightweight stroller that you can stash in your car trunk or in a plane's overhead locker

  • Baby carrier may be useful for your travels

Ensure comfort.

You can bring the baby to the different places like beaches through the summer. Just ensure their comfort.

  • Keep them under shaded areas especially during the hottest hours of the day. Avoid sun exposure between 9:00AM – 4:00PM, when exposure is most high. It is generally safer to experience the outdoors early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

  •  Put sunscreen on them. Consult with your OB on what kind and what SPF level of sunscreen is best to use.

  • When walking around, it’s always safer to have them closer to you in slings

  •  Keep them hydrated and always have their baby bottle with you and make sure you keep yourself hydrated too

  • Have their favorite toy with you if you want to keep them entertained

When everything is set up, just relax and take this time to bond with your baby. The summer vacation was meant for you to enjoy so go ahead and do it. Happy summer, mommy!

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