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Rights and Benefits of Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy is a precious and delicate stage. Many laws have been passed to ensure that pregnant women are protected but it is important that you actively seek and study your rights and benefits to ensure your well-being. 

Rights of a Pregnant Mother

  • The consent of a woman's husband is never required for her treatment.

  • Women have the right to refuse to be examined by anyone and have the choice to be treated by a certain nurse, doctor, or provider.

  • Pregnant women have the right to refuse a medical treatment or drug such as a caesarian section, anesthesia, and so on. All medical choices must be administered with your full consent.

  • A woman and her newborn have a right to remain in the hospital for at least 48 hours after birth. 

Maternity Leave

  • According to the Labor Code, a pregnant employee who has rendered service of at least six months is entitled to a maternity leave with full pay based on her regular wages.

  • The leave translates into at least two weeks prior to the expected date of delivery and another four weeks after normal delivery, for a total of six weeks maternity leave.

  • Maternity leave may be extended without pay, or charged against unused leave credits. 

Acts of Discrimination

  • Pregnant women are protected against unfair treatment, discrimination, or dismissal.

  • Some employers terminate their employees because they are pregnant because they believe this could affect working efficiency. Other employers dismiss their workers just for the purpose of depriving them of the benefits provided by law.

  • These are considered acts of discrimination and are criminally punishable under the Labor Code. 

Benefits and Assistance

  • Some employers provide financial assistance such as medical coverage as well as health insurance.

  • Consult with your company's HR to determine if there are any applicable health benefits or assistance that can help you with your pregnancy. 

Knowing your rights and privileges as a pregnant woman is important to ensure your well-being. Government agencies such as the Philippine Commission on Women (http://pcw.gov.ph/) are dedicated to ensuring that women’s rights are protected. Be sure to stay informed on the latest developments regarding your rights as a new mother and raise any concerns you may have with the agencies in place for your needs.