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My Baby’s First Days

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Motherhood is a continuous journey and learning process. Each stage will require different skills and preparations. If you are a first time mom, gearing up for the first few days of your baby can be overwhelming. Below is a list to guide and help you prepare for this crucial stage. 

Procedures to consider before leaving the hospital:

If you have a boy you might want to consider circumcision. It is just a minor surgical procedure which allows the skin covering the tip of the foreskin removed.  Some moms often opt for this to be done right after birth and before bringing the baby home because it will be easier since the baby does not move around a lot compared to when he is older and walking around. However, make sure to clean the wound as directed by your pedia and keep it cushioned and covered with a surgical dressing.

  • Ask your pediatrician or health care provider for more specific instructions on how to nurse your baby’s wound to avoid infections.

  • If you have a baby girl, it might be the best time to decide if you want her to have her first ear piercing. Consult your pediatrician about the pros and cons of having it done right after birth. Hospitals usually provide sterilized earrings made of hypoallergenic surgical steel designed for newborns. Remember to always wipe some alcohol around the ear lobe twice a day and twist the earrings at least once a day to prevent infections and complications.

  • Before getting discharged from the hospital, make sure that you have marked your calendar with the dates of your next check-ups.

Welcoming home your baby

  • One of the most magical moments of motherhood is when you come home with your new baby. Remember that your baby’s car trip should be safe and well-prepared. Make sure that everything is ready for the drive home including an infant car seat to ensure the safety of the baby.

  • Make sure that you have prepared all the necessities of your baby such as diapers, storage supplies, towels, bibs, etc.

  • At this time, it is best to decide if your baby will sleep in your bedroom or in his or her own. If your baby is sleeping in yours, we highly recommend that you rearrange your furniture to make some space for the baby. If you have set up a new one, make sure you have not left any unfinished job such as paint and fixing equipment. If you decide to the baby sleep separately, make sure you have all the equipment you need like baby monitors or have the baby in a safe sleeping area.

  • We also understand that you will be exhausted after delivering your baby. We suggest that you talk to your partner for shifting when it comes to taking care of your baby. If you need extra help, you can opt to hire a nanny or better yet, ask someone you trust like your mother or mother-in-law to assist you in taking care of your newborn. 

  • For anything else that you are unsure of, always ask your doctor for advice and check Anmum’s Ask Our Expertssection for guidance. 

Being a new mother can be challenging, stressful and overwhelming but for the most part, it is rewarding. Keep in mind that with enough preparation and support like asking close friends, your family or your fellow moms can always help you be more prepared for this journey as a new mom. You can join the Anmum Mommy Circle for added support!. With all this help and with a little preparation, you can handle any challenge you will face as a mom.