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DIY Baby Showers

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One of the things women get so excited about when they find out they’re expecting is preparing for their baby showers. With the added expenses that pregnancy brings these days, some moms might think holding the perfect baby shower is impossible. In this article, we discuss how you can throw a great baby shower without breaking the bank.

1. Party Themes

  • Forget the usual and overused party themes. Throwing a budget party is always easier and more fun when the theme is close to your heart.

  • Creative themes such as your favorite TV show, a color you love, or even a breakfast shower (if you love breakfast food) can be cheaper than throwing a full-blown Hawaiian bash.

  • Check this link for unique baby shower theme ideas! Make sure to choose one that still lets you add a personal touch to the event.

2. Location

  • Depending on the theme and the number of guests, location can play a huge factor when it comes to expenses.

  • To save on venue rental fee, you may opt to throw the baby shower in your own home if possible. This also adds an intimate ambience to your event. You can surround your home with family photos to add a personal touch.

3. Invitations

  • Purchasing customized invitations can burn a hole in your pocket. If you're feeling creative, snag some colorful paper and markers from your nearby bookstore and design your invitations yourself. Your own personal designs add a personal touch to your invitations and will surely be appreciated.

  • Going digital is also a thrifty trend you can follow. Create your baby shower's own event page and invite your friends over Facebook to save both time and money.

  • There are also online websites that provide online invitation services or “evites” for free. You can choose from a wide array of quality designs, personalize your invitation, and send it online to your friends. For quality designs check out this link.

4. Decorations

  • Find ways to recycle decorations you can already find in your home. For example, you can brighten up your party by hanging strings of lights from holiday decorations. You can also opt to print and cutout animals or baby items and use these as decors. If you’ve already shopped for baby clothes, you can also use and hang these around.

  • A dollar store or a craft store is a good place to purchase decor for less. With the right mix and match of decor plus a little creativity, no one will ever guess your décor is less expensive. Be sure to be creative in selecting decor that will go along the theme of your baby shower, if you choose to have one.

  • For DIY baby shower decor ideas, check this link. Parenting magazines, party books and articles, as well as other online features can be good sources for thrifty ideas.

 5. Food and Refreshments

  • Much of the baby shower's cost may be spent on food. Instead of ordering or taking out food, let your cooking side shine. Nothing beats home-cooked dishes!

  • If budget is low, you may also opt to throw a potluck baby shower wherein guests can bring a dish of their choice.

  • Instead of serving the food on paper plates and cups, opt to use your own dishes and china instead.

 6. Party Favors

  • Just because you throw a baby shower on a budget does not mean your guests have to go home empty handed. Easy baby shower favors including mugs with flowers, party crackers, and lollipops are some simple and thoughtful ideas. Check out more ideas here.

If you're struggling for ideas, surround yourself with inspiration. Check out celebrity baby showers online and see if you can pull off your own budget, DIY version at home. You don’t need to be a one-man team as well. Invite your family and best friends to help out in your preparations. Remember, it only takes a little bit of creativity to pull off a great party. Enjoy your baby showers, moms!