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Coping with Pregnancy as a Couple

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Pregnancy is a journey that moms and dads go through together. While your partner may not go through the physical changes like you do, it will still be a life-changing experience for him. Aside from the multitude of emotions that you will share together – worry, joy, and excitement– you will now be both prepared for the next phase of your life, that is becoming  parents. Moms, understand that your partners need support as well so here are some tips on how you and your partner can cope through the full experience of pregnancy together.

Changes Couples Experience During Pregnancy

Much is said about the bodily changes moms experience during pregnancy but little is said about changes in the couple's dynamics and routine. Below are some of the changes you will experience as a couple. 

  • Your schedule will shift as you make time for doctor's appointments, pre-natal classes, and other preparations for the baby's arrival.

  • Hormonal changes may affect your disposition, making you more irritable and emotional. Physical or bodily changes and pregnancy discomforts such as nausea, backaches, and swelling may also contribute to your mood swings. These changes in your mood as well as general disposition may also affect your partner.

  • The growth of the baby and the changes that occur in your body may put a strain or a halt to your sexual relationship, especially during the last trimester.

  • The new responsibilities of pregnancy will also change a couple's financial situation greatly. 

Your Partner’s Role in Pregnancy

As you journey through pregnancy, your husband or partner can contribute greatly by  becoming fully involved in the process by:  

  • Planning ahead your practical and logistical needs for the big day

  • Learning on how he can fully support you and your baby during childbirth by joining prenatal classes and being present during doctor’s appointments

  • Learning basic infant care so he can come in handy during and after labor because you will need to rest after delivery

  • For more detailed information on how Dads can prepare for their role in childbirth, check the article, Role of Dads in Childbirth.

Supporting Fathers During Pregnancy

  • Support your husband or partner not only by involving him in the pregnancy process but also knowing when to give him space to juggle his responsibilities with work and finances.

  • If you're experiencing irritability, do your best to control it. Do not make your partner your personal outlet for your frustrations. In simple ways, show your appreciation for his support throughout the pregnancy.

  • For Dads, it would be of great help if you speak to other fathers about their experiences in pregnancy be it your own father, relatives, and/or friends. It is also best to seek the advice of your partner's OB-gyne for ways on how to cope with being a new dad. 

Both you and your partner need support during pregnancy. As you nurture your little one, take time to nurture your relationship as a couple so you have a strong foundation, as you become parents. It will be an overwhelming journey but together, you can handle anything.