• Pregnancy

Connect with your child before birth

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  • Pregnancy

Get to know yourself during your pregnancy to create a bond between you and your little one. 

Pregnancy is a time of wonderful anticipation for us mothers. We can hardly wait to hold our little one, so we plan all the lovely things we want for our child. We worry about the colour of the nursery, the type of stroller and crib to buy, because we want to do things right. But as an expecting mummy, let’s not lose sight of the miracle that is transforming your body and life!

Pregnancy should be the time for you to focus on your child in utero—to slow down and create time for prenatal bonding! After all, your child feels what you feel. Your wellbeing is essential to creating a bond between you and little one, so here are some steps you can take to understand yourself during this monumental milestone.

1. Be attuned to your body

Try to take time every day—even just two minutes—to breathe and notice all the things happening to your body: your heartbeat, your breathing patterns, your child moving inside of you. It lets us mums be aware of when we feel good and when we feel bad, which helps us understand our bodies better.

2. Heart-womb visualisation

This technique is a favourite for some mums; it can help deepen your connection with your child during your pregnancy. Here is an example you follow to perform the heart-womb visualisation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL4kI-_Mdas

3. Be generous

Don’t be afraid to pay attention to your needs, your cravings and your thoughts. Taking care of yourself during pregnancy will plant seeds of health and wellbeing not just for your body, but your mind too. Find strength in simple conversations with your partner, performing yoga or even indulging in a massage where you can relax!