• Pregnancy

The 9th Month – Getting Ready to Meet Baby

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  • Pregnancy
  • You’re nearly there! The final month of pregnancy means getting ready to finally meet your little one. At this time, your baby is now fully developed and can survive outside your body. His or her lungs are now finally mature, and the skin is less wrinkled and now smooth. If your baby seems to be less active during this time compared to the previous months - don’t fret! Your baby is just settling down lower in your abdomen to help prepare for birth.
  • As you near the end of your pregnancy, your baby’s health (and yours) becomes more important than ever. You and your baby are about to embark on a journey together as you go through labor, and both of you will need as much strength and nutrients as possible! Here are some tips to remember:
  • Vitamin D is essential for baby’s health. Ensure you’re getting enough Vitamin D throughout your pregnancy, especially in your final weeks before delivery.
  • As your belly grows bigger than ever, some moms-to-be have trouble sleeping during the last few weeks. Drink something warm like Anmum Materna before sleeping.
  • Labor can happen any day now! Pack a bag of essentials that you can easily grab when the time comes.
  • Whether it’s morning or nighttime, plan ahead how you’ll get to the hospital with your partner or loved ones.
  • Make sure to drink Anmum Materna until the end of your pregnancy to ensure you’re getting the essential nutrients needed for a healthy delivery. Don’t forget, Anmum Materna is low in sugar and will not cause any stressful weight gain when taken with a balanced diet. This is so you can focus on providing you and your baby the needed nutrients as this journey finishes and so you can have a healthy and happy delivery. Get excited and good luck, mommies.