• Pregnancy

The 7th & 8th Month – Baby’s Brain is Growing Faster

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  • Pregnancy
  • Congratulations, you’re on the third and last trimester of your pregnancy journey! Your little one is now getting bigger, and so are you. During the last few weeks before labor, you may start to worry about losing all the pregnancy weight gain.
  • Here’s what you need to know:
  • Weight gain during pregnancy varies among women. The average weight gain is between 11.5 - 16 kilos or 25-35 pounds for women of normal weight.
  • The weight you should gain depends on your weight before falling pregnant. For a more precise and individualized target number, always check with your doctor.
  • To help control your weight gain, limit foods that are high in fat and added sugar.
  • Choose prenatal milk that is low in sugar such as Anmum Materna, which provides essential nutrients needed for baby’s rapid development minus unnecessary sugars.
  • As you enter your final trimester of pregnancy, you may notice that baby’s movements or kicks are now strong enough to be visible from the outside. Not only is your baby extremely excited to meet you, he or she is growing at an incredible pace too.
  • Here’s what to expect during the 7th and 8th month:
  • Most body organs are now developed
  • Baby’s lungs need more time to mature, but are getting stronger each day
  • The brain is developing rapidly during this time
  • Baby starts to respond to external stimuli, such as light and sound

  • Additionally, at this time, your baby has a good shot of survival even if born prematurely. You may be tempted to cut your prenatal care to minimize weight gain – don’t! With all the developments happening at this stage, it’s important to keep getting the nutrients your body needs to help support the baby’s growth. For your baby’s rapidly growing brain, ensure to take Anmum Materna, which is fortified with GA, DHA, and SA which help build the brain cells and connections in your baby’s brain.
  • Anmum Materna can give you the key nutrients you need during pregnancy and fulfills your daily requirement of nutrients such as Folate, Calcium, and Vitamin D without making you gain extra weight. Keep it up, moms as you go through this last leg of your journey!