• Pregnancy

The 6th Month - Growth Spurt & Reflexes

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  • Pregnancy

Many moms-to-be feel like they’re packing on pounds at month 6, and no wonder! During this time, your baby’s weight nearly doubles as his or her growth accelerates.

Your baby starts storing fat in their arms and legs to help regulate their body temperature. Their reflexes are also coordinated now – they can turn their head, their fingers and grasp things, and they can respond to sounds and touch.

As your baby grows, here’s how your body changes to accommodate:

  • You may feel more tired and achy as your belly grows considerably
  • Your blood pressure has dropped, which can lead to dizziness
  • The surge of pregnancy hormones also means thicker hair and stronger nails
  • You may experience sharp pains in your hip or abdomen as your uterus gets pulled and stretched

If you’re experiencing any of these changes, fret not! Here’s how to deal with the aches and pains of pregnancy:

  • Avoid carrying heavy items and always bend from your knees when lifting
  • To avoid fatigue, try to get a good night’s rest by sleeping on your side or using a pillow to support your abdomen
  • Avoid carrying heavy items
  • To avoid headaches and dizziness, make sure you’re getting enough nutrients to prevent low blood sugar. Eat small but frequent meals, stay hydrated and keep drinking Anmum Materna to ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need
  • To ease pregnancy abdominal pain, have a warm bath or apply a hot compress


Faster growth also means that your baby’s development is intense during this month. Make sure both you and your baby are getting the essential nutrients, such as iron, Vitamin B12, and protein, needed to stay healthy through all the growth changes. All of these can be found in Anmum Materna, which is rich in essential nutrients, so make it an integral part of your prenatal care plan!


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