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The 5th Month - Your Baby Can Hear You

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  • Pregnancy

Did you know that your little one starts to hear at about 18-30 weeks? According to a study recently published in the Public Library of Science (PLOS), babies selectively respond to external simulation early on such as the mother’s voice and touch. Other research also shows that by observing baby’s movements, doctors can conclude that your baby can differentiate your voice from that of a stranger.

Science has shown us clearly: communicating with your baby always does some good.. Here are 10 ways to start talking and bonding with your little one:

  1. Start and end the day by greeting your baby. Be sensitive of baby's sleeping patterns, which you can feel as your baby starts to become more active inside your tummy.
  2. Share your feelings and thoughts with your little one. The more you do so, the more connected you'll feel to the life growing inside you.
  3. Turn a reading session into a bonding experience by reading aloud to your baby whenever you can.
  4. Sing to your baby. As early as now, sing lullabies or your favorite songs so your baby can be accustomed to your voice.
  5. Research shows that playing classical music to your baby can help have a calming effect.
  6. Get Dad in the action, too! Ask your partner to communicate constantly to the baby to stimulate baby's attention and memory.
  7. Acknowledge baby's movement. That's his or her own little way of saying hello!
  8. Be mindful of your tone. At this point, words don't matter. The baby reacts to your tone and your emotions, so make sure to inject these with love!
  9. While talking to your baby, touch your belly so baby can associate your touch to your voice.
  10. Don't forget to communicate with baby while doing other things - be it exercising, running errands, or simply while you’re getting your daily nutrient fix by drinking AnmumMaterna.

As the bond between you and your baby grows stronger, make sure to keep the both of you healthy in this time. By drinking two glasses of Anmum Materna in a day, you can meet your daily folate needs and give your baby needed nutrients such as protein, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D as their limbs grow and develop. Anmum also has nutrients such as DHA, GA, and SA which help promote proper brain and body development.

Join the Anmum Mommy Circle to share your experiences and get advice from other mommies! And let Anmum Materna be your partner in this continuing journey with your baby.


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