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The 4th Month - The First Kick!

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  • Pregnancy

For most soon-to-be moms, there is nothing more precious than feeling your baby move for the first time. As your baby grows, your little one will stretch, flex, roll and squirm. To your surprise, the baby also moves in response to noise, your emotions, or certain food.

With the first movement clocking in anytime between 16-22 weeks, there is a science behind why the kick makes you happy. While your baby’s kick may feel like an expression of how excited your little one is to meet you, this is the only way your little one can communicate in this early stage if something is wrong. Most babies move at least ten (10) times a day within two hours. A sudden decrease in movement can signal a problem, and should be raised to a doctor immediately.

As your baby’s movement indicates a healthy pregnancy, always make sure you’re following your physician’s advice to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible throughout your term. That means getting enough rest, frequent exercise, a balanced diet, and nutritious maternal milk such as Anmum Materna.

Drinking two glasses a day can help your little one out by provding nutrients such as protein and iron for their muscles, and vitamin B6 and B12 to help your baby metabolize proteins.  It also has nutrients such as GA, DHA, and SA to promote proper brain and body development.

Lastly, remember that each kick is your baby's way of saying hello. Cherish these first few bonding moments together as mother and child as you both prepare for his arrival.

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