• Pregnancy

The 3rd Month - Brain and Body Development

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  • Pregnancy

You’re almost at the end of your first trimester! Did you know that three months into the pregnancy, your little one starts to resemble an actual baby in your belly?

At three months, you can expect the following developments:

  • Hands and feet are starting to form
  • Eyes are almost fully developed
  • Most organs and tissues are developed
  • Nails and earlobes start to form
  • Your little one starts to practice breathing

Not only is your little one already growing (and growing fast!), but your body starts to change in pregnancy too. Here’s what to expect in your third month of pregnancy:

  • As the baby grows, your uterus expands and starts to push down on your bladder, leading to frequent urination
  • Pregnancy hormones surge, leading to heightened emotions, tiredness and moodiness
  • You may experience heartburn, constipation and bloating as your body changes
  • Your veins become more visible as your body generates extra blood to support the baby
  • Breasts become tender and swollen as early as the first trimester to prepare for breastfeeding


With all these important developments, ensure that you are your little one are getting the nutrients you need. Anmum Materna is fortified with vitamin B6, folate, and protein to help you achieve optimum health for you and baby during pregnancy.


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