• Pregnancy

The 1st Month – Early Development

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  • Pregnancy

Hearing your baby’s heart beat for the first time at Week 9 or 10 is a milestone any expectant mom looks forward to. However, did you know that your baby’s heartbeat actually starts during your second month of pregnancy?

During your second month, your baby’s heart is now beating 80 times a minute. Your little one’s heart has already started to fully form, and by now will have four hollow chambers. By the end of your second month, your baby’s heartbeat can escalate to 150 beats a minute, making his or her heart beat double the speed of a mother’s heartbeat.

Aside from the start of baby’s heartbeat, you can also look forward to the following developments:

  • Your baby’s facial features are starting to form - that’s your little ones fingers, toes, ears, nose, lips and eyes!
  • At this point, cartilage is slowly replaced by bone
  • For boys, his penis starts to appear
  • Your baby may already be moving, but you cannot feel him or her yet!

With all these changes, it is essential that you are getting as much zinc, Vitamin A, magnesium and calcium as your baby’s heart starts to develop and function fully. Make sure to continue drinking Anmum Materna as a regular part of your prenatal care plan!


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