At Fonterra, we have a proud history.

We’ve been dairy farming in New Zealand for more than a century and have brought research, innovation and safety standards in the dairy industry to new levels.

The brand first appeared in Singapore and Malaysia as a maternal product for pregnant mums in response to independent research that suggested pregnant mothers could help safeguard their child against neural tube defects (such as spina bifida) by consuming folic acid before conception and in the early stages of pregnancy. From launching pregnancy milk in Asia to a full range of formulas today, the brand and its products continue to grow. 

From a trusted source

As parents, the safety of our children is our most important criteria. So we want to share with you the full story of the lengths we go to at every step of the way in making our products.


Anmum has been developed by pediatric nutrition experts specifically for this special journey for you and baby.  It contains essential nutrients that help for a healthy pregnancy and supports brain and body development for your child.