Shopping for the Right Nursing Bra

It’s important to have the right bra to help you breastfeed comfortably and efficiently. Knowing what you’re looking for can help you choose the best one.

First, shop in your third trimester when your breasts are close to the size of what they’ll be when you’re breastfeeding. 

Your ribcage has been expanding to accommodate your growing baby, so keep that in mind when shopping. When trying on a bra, wear it on the loosest setting so you will have the chance to tighten it when your ribcage contracts after the baby is born. 

Meanwhile, you’ll need a bra style with a stretchy, molded cup to accommodate the growth of your breasts when the milk comes in. Expect your cup size to grow at least one size bigger when you start to lactate.

When selecting your bra, choose natural materials like cotton because you’ll be dealing with a lot of sensitivity, especially on your nipples. Cotton is also a breathable and comfortable fabric which is great as the nursing mother’s body temperature tends to be higher. 

If you’re thinking of underwire, make sure that they’re fitted well. While it’s generally safe to use one when you’re nursing, you don’t want to risk clogged ducts or other problems of a restrictive, badly fitting bra. Seek out professional breastfeeding and bra experts to make sure you have the right size. This is probably something you’d like to purchase after the baby is born.


Choose The Right Nursing Bra For You 

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