Frequently Asked Questions



Why does my period cycle change from time to time?

Cycles get glitches from time to time. This can be affected by hormonal imbalance. Even stress and worrying can delay your period.


How can I get pregnant easily?

It is important to get have your work up, pregnancy test, transvaginal ultrasound, papsmear, and labworks to make sure that your healthy. If you want to get pregnant and you have regular menstrual cycles, the ideal time to be with your husband would be to "try" as much as every 3 days for the next year with no barriers used. If after such time and you have not conceived yet, then further work up for both you and your husband is warranted. Ovulation is noted to be, if you have REGULAR monthly cycles, 14 days from your last menstrual period (LMP). Meaning, you count 14 days backward from your LMP. Record that for the next 6 months so you can gauge when your ovulation is. That is just one way. Talk to your OB. Your OB would be the best person to ask since she/he would know your whole physical, gynecological, as well as medical history.


When are my fertile and ovulation days?

Ovulation is noted to be, if you have REGULAR monthly cycles, 14 days from your last menstrual period (LMP). Meaning, you count 14 days backward from your LMP.


Can I drink Anmum even if I am not yet pregnant and planning to conceive?

Anmum is suitable for women planning to get pregnant. It is important to have adequate folate for proper closing and forming of the baby's brain and spinal cord. This occurs around 30 days of gestation when women do not yet know they are pregnant. Adequate folate is important to help reduce the risk of neural tube defects. Anmum also contains the essential nutrients during pregnancy from the first,second up to the third trimester.


Do you count your period 28 days from the first day you got it or from the last day you go it?

According to Dr. Cheekee Lareza, OBGYN, you should start counting on the first day of your period. If you need more information about ovulation, please visit our website and check out our menstrual calendar.


I want to get pregnant. Can I take Anmum Materna?

Yes, you may drink Anmum. The milk is fortified with key pregnancy nutrients and it does not harm women with gestational diabetes. Anmum has been proven to have a low Glycemic Index rating. It will be best however if you can ask your OB to refer her to a dietitian who prepare a meal plan for her which includes 2 glasses of Anmum.


Are pregnant women allowed to drink cold beverages?

Yes, pregnant women are allowed cold beverages. This will not affect the growing feotus in any way.


Can I drink Anmum 4x a day?


Yes, you may start drinking Anmum as early as now even before getting pregnant to ensure that you get the proper nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. You may also want to visit our website and check out our menstrual and ovulation calendar to increase your chances of getting pregnant.



Can I drink antibiotics when I'm pregnant? What fruits and vegetables may I take for cough?

Here are answers from an Anmum mom and Angela, our resident nutritionist: It is always handy to have a medicine guidebook – PIMS or MIMS or PPD which can show you the classification of the medicines and know if they are safe or not. You may check Mercury Drug or National Bookstore if they have this. If not, always ask for the medical literature of the medicines from the pharmacist, it usually provides information if the product is safe during pregnancy or not. If you opt to go natural, take citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables to help strengthen your body. Ginger ale or salabat is good for sore throat while warm water helps liquefy the phlegm. Moreover, there are nutrients in food such as Protein, Vitamin A, C, Selenium, Vitamin E and Zinc that helps support a healthy immune system. A deficiency of these nutrients in the body compromises the immune system causing the body to be prone to infection. If an individual already has an infection, a deficiency of these nutrients may make the body fail to fight off infections that may lead to further complications. What food can do is to support the nutritional needs of individuals during infections (the requirements for nutrients during infections are increased). Thus, it would be helpful if mom takes fruits especially those rich in Vitamin C e.g. guava, take plenty of water/fluids. If mom has throat irritation due to cough, gargling of warm water with salt will be helpful. More importantly, it is best to make sure you trust your OB and that she is patient enough to answer your concerns. If you are not comfortable with your current one, you may want to look for someone you can truly be comfortable with and trust because you will be partners for 9 months. Lastly, Anmum is a source of Protein and vitamin A. It is a rich source of Vitamin E and meets the daily needs for zinc in 2 glasses.


I don't like drinking milk. Is there another way of drinking Anmum?

We encourage you to give your child the best nourishment. Why not try the different flavors of Anmum? We have Chocolate and Hazelnut aside from the Plain Vanilla. You can also try using different recipes (i.e. Polvoron, icecream, or sopas). It will also be helpful that you drink often but a little at a time to help improve tolerance to milk. If your'e vomiting due to morning sickness, it would be helpful to take some crackers and ice chips. Try making Anmum ice chips too.


Is coffee good for pregnant moms? Why is coffee bad?

Caffeine crosses the placenta, and the fetus has a limited ability to break it down. Although research studies have not proved that caffeine causes birth defects in humans, some evidence suggests that caffeine seems to increase the risk of first trimester abortions and the risk increases as consumption increases from 100mg/day to more than 500 mg/day (Cnattingius,2000). Reference: Krause’s Food, Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 2004 Understanding Normal and Clinical Nutrition, 2002

Be wise in choosing foods during this time when your nutrient needs are significantly increased. Select foods which are nutrient dense such as fruits, vegetables and milk over coffee. Coffee is also a known diuretic, and an excess intake might result to too much excretion of water soluble vitamins (B vitamins and Vitamin C) in the urine. There are also components in coffee that binds to calcium and iron that may result to excretion of these important key pregnancy nutrients. If you really cannot help but drink coffee, you may ask your doctor how much is allowed. But in general recommendations say, limit it to 1 cup a day. Hope this helps! (


Will Anmum make my baby fat? It might risk my ability to have a normal delivery. Is this true?

Drinking Anmum will definitely NOT make babies larger than they should be as long as Anmum is taken with a well planned diet. Weight loss, weight reduction or weight maintenance follows the principle of calorie/energy balance. To maintain weight, the calories we get from food must be equal to the calories we spend (physical activity and increased metabolic needs due to pregnancy). If the calories from food exceeds what we spend, then this results to a positive calorie balance (i.e our fat cells become larger – we gain weight), and, if it is the other way around (i.e we are not eating enough, given our current calorie/energy needs, then our fat cells become smaller – we lose weight. We do know that some of the food we eat (after its is broken down) goes to the fetus and follows the same principle as above. So in a nutshell, if our total amount of calories we take in exceeds what need, we (and/or our baby) will gain excess weight. It usually takes 3,500 calories to gain 1 lb of body fat. A glass of Anmum contains only around 160 calories. Which means Anmum will not make us gain weight as long as we consume it along with a healthy, balanced diet. It is difficult to meet the increased nutrient requirements of moms during pregnancy, so moms should be smart in choosing the foods that she eats. According to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute - DOST, she should consume nutrient dense foods. Anmum Materna is an example of a nutrient dense food, meaning it contains some calories, but is loaded with vitamins and minerals compared with eating other foods, so it actually helps mom, meet her nutrient needs while maintaining a healthy weight. (please see attached slide) 2 glasses of Anmum Materna meets 100% of the additional calories that a pregnant mom needs. So from moms usual diet, she just needs to add 2 glasses of Anmum Materna. This is better than eating an additional 1.5 cups of rice. While doing so, it meets the additional calories a pregnant mom needs, but it is a poor source of iron, calcium and other essential key pregnancy nutrients.


I have gestational diabetes. Can I drink Anmum?

In general, it will depend on your “individual needs”. In terms of calories, 2 glasses of Anmum is enough to meet the average additional 300 Kcal a healthy normal pregnant woman needs. Taking calories in excess might lead to excess weight gain, making your pregnancy at risk of complications. But, if you need to gain more weight (if advised by your doctor, drinking more than 2 glasses will be helpful). If you are within your normal weight range or already in excess of the weight, you may, with the help of your doctor and dietitian, a well-planned meal you can substitute Anmum with other foods, so that you can meet you proper calorie range. Drinking Anmum rather than eating less nutrient dense foods such as chips, and other high calorie snacks can actually help you meet your nutrient needs without gaining excessive weight.


What you should do to prevent your feet from being swollen during pregnancy?

Feet swelling is part of a manifestation of edema or water retention during pregnancy. There is no medication treatment. However, there are some measures that can be taken to decrease its incidence or severity:

- Have a low salt diet

- Refrain from standing too long

- When lying down, put pillows underneath your feet to elevate it.


Is it okay for pregnant woman to undergo hair rebonding?

No, it is not advisable to undergo hair rebonding when you are pregnant. The chemicals that are being used may affect the fetus.


What is the effect of drinking soda for a pregnant woman?

There is really nothing wrong with drinking soda in moderation. However, when one is pregnant,:

1) it is difficult to meet the nutritional needs of a pregnant woman, and thus she needs to choose her foods WISELY (i.e choose nutrient dense foods)

2) Pregnancy puts some women at risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension, so they need to mind what they eat sODA, in general contains only calories and sugar, excessive calories increases the risk of excess weight gain which puts mom at risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension. 

So if she can help it, best to take other nutrient dense foods such as fruits/vegetables or Anmum maternal instead. Anmum contains key pregnancy nutrients to help nourish pregnant moms (and their developing fetus).


I am experiencing cramps and I am worried that I will have a miscarriage.

It is best to consult with your OB to make sure to find a solution or cause of your cramps. Cramping does not always lead to a miscarriage.


I have lost my appetite and I am now already thin what should I do to increase my appetite and gain weight?

If you have lost appetite, first we need to find out what is causing it. Is it because you are nauseous or experiencing a more serious concern like hyperemesis/vomiting? If so you need to consult your doctor. If you need to gain weight:

1) You need to increase her calorie intake E.g. 1lb of body weight per week, she needs to increase her calorie intake by an additional 500 kcal per day. With this it is best she includes Anmum in her daily diet. 2 glasses of Anmum (Plain) provides around 300 kcal everyday. Then, you can take in additional foods such as ½ cup of rice = 100 Kcals. 2 pcs of med sized fruits = 100 kcals OR 2 full cups of vegetables =100 kcals. Should she need to gain more pounds, you can also take an additional glass of Anmum. Because Anmum is a nutrient dense food and it contains essential pregnancy nutrients. 

2) If you have trouble consuming a bulk of food 3 times daily, it would help to take small frequent feedings. 

3) With consultation with your doctor, you may ask to provide you with appetite stimulants (B vitamins for example), if you are also frequently nauseated, your doctor will be able to provide medications to help ease nausea and in turn, help regain your appetite. (home remedy! for nausea, eat ice chips and crackers, drink ginger tea) 

Anmum is suitable for women planning to get pregnant. It is important to have adequate folate for proper closing and forming of the baby's brain and spinal cord. This occurs around 30 days of gestation when women do not yet know they are pregnant. Adequate folate is important to help reduce the risk of neural tube defects. Anmum also contains the essential nutrients during pregnancy from the first, second, up to the third trimester.


I’m on my 10th week now. Is it safe to take Amnum Materna while taking folicard/folic acid 5mg?

Anmum already meets 100% of the folate needs of a healthy pregnant woman. If for some reason (e.g. high risk for NTD affected pregnancy) you doctor prescribes to take the folate supplement then you need to follow your doctor’s advice. Folate is a water soluble vitamin so excess folate not needed by the body will be excreted. But best to still consult with your doctor if she wants to take Anmum (= 2 glasses of Anmum + a few mg less of the Folic supplement?)


Why do I have discharges always where in fact I already took medicine given by my OB last month. Is it really normal for a pregnant? I noticed this week, I have yellowish and become gray color of white blood in my panty. There was also something black color. I think that was discharges. It was really itchy on my vaginal part.

A doctor has to see the discharge for treatment to be prescribed. Since your doctor is away and you would like to see a doctor immediately, you may ask for another referral from another OBGYN to ease your worries.


I am not a milk drinker but now that I am pregnant I want to be able to provide a good development to the baby in my tummy so I started drinking Anmum. The thing is, since I was not a milk drinker, sudden intake of milk makes my stomach not so good. Is there a way to make my stomach get used to the milk intake without having to run to the comfort room after every time I drink it?

This might be a case of lactose malabsorption/intolerance. This can be helped by drinking Anmum/or any type of dairy product starting with small amounts then in increasing amounts until tolerance is established. It will also be helpful to drink it with meals and not on an empty stomach.


I have watery stool eveytime I drink Anmum. Why is that?

You might be lactose malabsorption/intolerant. This can be helped by drinking Anmum/or any type of dairy product starting with small amounts then in increasing amounts until tolerance is established. It will also be helpful to drink it with meals and not on an empty stomach.


Is drinking soy milk aside from drinking Anmum safe for baby?

It is definitely okay to drink soy milk with Anmum. If you have excessive weight gain, it would be good to look out for eating/drinking too much. It is best for you to choose nutrient dense foods so you can modulate your weight gain while still getting essential key pregnancy nutrients. Anmum is a nutrient dense food and has essential key pregnancy nutrients.


Is it ok to have a tooth extraction while pregnant?

If surgery is indeed needed then you need clearance from your OBGYN as anesthesia might be given. This will be a case to case basis and it would also depend on how far you are in your pregnancy. Kindly consult your OB regarding this matter just to make sure.


Can a full body massage harm my baby?

Find out first how far into the pregnancy you are. If it is too near your due date then it might cause preterm labor. Also, you should not have high risk pregnancy or things such as gestational hypertension, diabetes, or have a poor OB history. Having a massage with these conditions may cause you to be prone to miscarriages or preterm labor. 


If you do not have any of the conditions stated above, you may have a massage. 

These days there are massage therapists who are trained to give massages for expectant moms that are available in the metro. I believe they are called Prenatal therapists.


Is it normal to have shortness of breath during pregnancy?

Shortness of breath or difficulty is sometimes felt as the weight of the baby puts pressure on the diaphragm and the lungs. Especially as your baby is full term already. This is worsened if she is lying flat on your back which is why when sleeping, we advised that pregnant women lie on their side. It would be best to consult with your OBgyne regarding this concern.


Is it dangerous to catch flu at my 28th wk of pregnancy? Is it dangerous for my baby and I?

You need to be sure first if what you have is the flu and not another infection like dengue. You need to be checked by your doctor as soon as possible for treatment to be given right away.


I am worried about my belly getting really big at seven weeks. I have not yet confirmed my suspicions about being pregnant but my stomach looks like I'm at least three months pregnant. Could it be twins?

It may be best to have a transvaginal ultrasound and to have an OB check up just to make sure and lessen your worries.


I just gave birth but I'm afraid to take a shower. They say I might die. Is this true?

There are no clinical studies or literature that prohibits taking a bath or states that taking a bath will cause body malaise. It is actually advisable to get cleaned and be clean especially if one is breastfeeding.


I find myself sleeping on one side (nakadapa) and being lethargic. Is this ok?

Being lethargic is normal and one of the signs of pregnancy due to progesterone which causes sleepiness. Lying down prone is ok during the first trimester as the uterus has not expanded beyond the pelvis as yet.


I am 3 months pregnant but my tummy is still small. I am worried. Should I visit an OBGYN?

You really have to go to an OBGYN during the first trimester for baseline pregnancy parameters to be checked as well as for accurate dating of the pregnancy. Not to mention proper prenatal medications to be started and maintained and proper advice to be given. At 3 months or 12 weeks, the uterus is only starting to leave the pelvis and enter the abdominal area. During the first trimester, negligible waist gain or expansion is normal.


How do I know I am in labor?

If you contractions are regular, increasing in intensity and frequency, with vaginal spotting and /or your bag of water breaks then you are in labor.



Can I still drink Anmum after birth?

A mom who has given birth can continue to consume Anmum Materna. The nutrients in Anmum also helps support the needs of lactating women. 


Is there something harmful with a breastfeeding mom taking in cold beverages?

There is nothing wrong against drinking cold beverages or juices during breastfeeding.


Is it ok to give my baby a bath in the evening before he goes to sleep since the weather is so hot? My baby is 15 weeks old now.

Yes. As long as the water is lukewarm and the bath takes only a few minutes. The baby should not be exposed to a cold environment (an air conditioned room) immediately after a bath. Should he develop a cold then it would be prudent to stop such a practice. Sponge baths could be an alternative.


I am breastfeeding and I'm drinking Anmum but I feel that my baby is allergic to it. What do I do?

There are many causes of allergies, the best answer we can give you now is for you to consult a pediatrician or allergy specialist so the doctor can identify the food items in which may be causing the allergy. An allergy specialist will also be able to advise (if dairy is identified) and if you can continue consuming Anmum (depending on the symptoms of the baby) or to just resume drinking Anmum when she has stopped breastfeeding.


I would like to know if my kids aged 10, 9 and 7 years old may drink Anmum Materna?

It is safe for kids age 10, 9 and 7 years old to drink Anmum Materna. Anmum Materna is milk fortified with nutrients such as vitamins and minerals which is important for pregnant women. Anmum Materna is lower in fat vs. full cream milk and fat is a very important component of the diets of growing and physically active children. So I would suggest these children consume a milk product most suited for their age. Fonterra also has a product called Anchor Full Cream Milk.



Does Anmum cause weight gain?

No. We need to take about 3500 kcal in order to gain 1 lb of body weight. Weight gain is caused by total caloric intake and not by consuming a single food item. Two glasses of ANMUM is just enought to meet the additional +300 kcal during pregnancy, provided that the pregnant woman does not overeat and crave for too much food.


Is Anmum safe for those with gestational diabetes?

Yes. Anmum is a fortified milk, and it does not harm women having gestational diabetes. Women having gestational diabetes can enjoy the benefits of Anmum in a well planned diet because it has a low GI rating.


Should I still take folate supplements even when I drink Anmum?

Anmum can meet 100% of the RENI for Folate of Filipino pregnant women, 2 servings of Anmum per day can eliminate the need for taking folate supplements. Each serving of Anmum provides 340 mcg of Folate.


I need the benefits of Anmum but I do not like plain milk?

Anmum is available in many flavors that offer the same benefits as the plain variant.


Can I drink Anmum even if I am not yet pregnant?

Anmum is high in Folate. Studies show that Folate is strongly linked with the development of neural tube. Closing of the neural tube occurs during the first 17-30 days after conception. Ensuring an adequate amount of Folate is important in helping prevent Neural Tube Defects (NTDs).


I have lactose malabsorption/intolerance, can I drink Anmum?

Yes. Persons with lactose malabsorption/intolerance can take in small amounts of milk.


Do Anmum foods contain GMOs?

The quality and safety of Fonterra’s products are of the utmost importance and our products are manufactured to the highest standards. Our ingredients are generally sourced from New Zealand. None of the milk we collect from our farmer suppliers is from GM cows. In relation to additional ingredients, Fonterra sources its inputs from reputable suppliers and requires them to supply ingredients that meet all of the regulatory requirements of the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code, including the strict labelling requirements under Clause Five of Division Two of Standard 1.5.2 relating to labelling of any GM food or ingredients. Consistent with this regulatory system, Anmum Materna is not labelled as GM or containing GM ingredients. In addition, all products distributed in the Philippines are also registered with the Food and Drug Administration.


Do you carry Anmum that is lactose free?

No, sorry we do not carry Anmum that is lactose free at this time.


Can I take Anmum with oatmeal?

Yes, it is definitely okay as long as you meet the recommended daily serves of Anmum, you will be still be able to get 100% of folate/ calcium/Vitamin D plus other key pregnancy nutrients. The recommended daily intake of Anmum is 2 glasses = 8 tbsp. It is better to spread the 8 tbsp in meals such as oatmeal/milk/other dishes.


Where is this milk powder produced? I saw that the milk powder is imported from New Zealand. But where is the final production?

Anmum's milk powder (skim and whole milk powder ingredients) are imported from New Zealand. Final manufacturing and production are done in Malaysia.