Anmum ASSURA Organic 2 – Follow-on formula for 6-12 months

Help your little one flourish with Anmum ASSURA Organic Follow-on formula. Made with organic certified ingredients including New Zealand milk from grass fed cows. Independently certified as organic by AsureQuality Limited to provide assurance to families.

From 6 months, your baby is really starting to interact with the world – and they need the right amount and balance of nutrients to help support their growing bodies and minds. We’ve made Anmum ASSURA Organic 2 to help your baby head into this new phase.


What is ASSURA Organic 2 doing for my baby?

Your baby is already engaging with the world, but they’re still growing in so many ways. This is where Anmum ASSURA Organic 2 steps in – to give them the nutritional support they need for normal development and growth in addition to the introduction of other foods.

6-12 months

This next stage is a special time in your baby’s life. We understand you want to be sure they’re getting the necessary support from their formula, so here’s some insight into Anmum ASSURA Organic 2.

Created with care

We’ve made this formula with a unique bundle of premium organic ingredients that support normal growth for babies aged 6-12 months.

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Our guide on how to prepare formula safely

Safety is everything when it comes to preparing formula. Your baby is in the early stages of building their immune system, so there’s plenty to keep in mind. Luckily, we know a thing or two about the process. Just follow our step-by-step guide and you’ll be confident in no time; and remember if there’s any leftover formula, you need to discard it.

Clean up

Before you start, always wash and clean the bottle, teat and cover

Take care

Soak the bottle, teat and cover in clean water and boil for 5 minutes – this makes sure your equipment is sterilised and germ-free

Heat up

Boil safe drinking water and let it cool to lukewarm.

Add water

Carefully read over the feeding guide. Pour the required volume of water into the bottle.

Add formula

Next up, scoop in the correct amount of formula powder and then gently shake the bottle until it’s all dissolved

Shake & test

Before feeding your baby, it’s best to test the temperature with a couple of drops on your wrist (it should feel lukewarm)

Follow instructions exactly. Prepare bottles and teats as directed. Do not change proportions of powder except on medical advice. Incorrect preparation can make your baby very ill.

Nutrition Information

     Average quantity per 100mL of prepared formula
Energy 280 kJ
Protein 2.1 g
Fat 3.3 g
 - Linoleic Acid 420 mg
 - alpha Linolenic Acid 59.0 mg
 - Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 10.0 mg
 - Arachidonic Acid (ARA) 15.0 mg
Carbohydrate 7.0 g
Vitamin A 54.5 µg RE
Vitamin B6 33.7 µg
Vitamin B12 0.2 µg
Vitamin C 7.9 mg
Vitamin D3 1.0 µg
Vitamin E 0.8 mg a-TE
Vitamin K1 4.4 µg
Biotin 2.0 µg
Niacin (B3) 486 µg
Folic Acid  9.8 µg
Pantothenic Acid (B5) 453 µg
  Average quantity per 100mL of prepared formula
Riboflavin (B2) 98.6 µg
Thiamin (B1) 53.8 µg
Calcium 61.4 mg
Copper 52.2 µg
Iodine 15.5 µg
Iron 1.0 mg
Magnesium 7.3 mg
Manganese 11.9 µg
Phosphorus 37.0 mg
Selenium 2.3 µg
Zinc 0.5 mg
Chloride 57.2 mg
Potassium 77.6 mg
Sodium 22.5 mg
Other Nutrients  
Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) 0.3 g
Taurine 5.6 mg
Choline 13.3 mg


Anmum ASSURA™ Organic Follow-on Formula (6-12 months) is based on whey-modified cow's milk protein.

Ingredients: Organic Milk Solids (Organic Lactose (milk), Organic Skim Milk Powder*, Organic Whole Milk Powder*, Organic Whey Protein Concentrate (milk), Organic Vegetable Oil Blend (contains soy oil), Organic Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS)(milk), Minerals (Calcium, Copper, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Selenium, Zinc), Docosahexaenoic Acid (from tuna oil (fish), also contains milk, soy), Arachidonic Acid (from M. Alpina oil, contains milk), Choline, Bifidobacterium lactis (DR10™)(milk), Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus (DR20™)(milk), Taurine, Vitamins (A, B1, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K1, Folic acid, Biotin).

* Made with New Zealand milk from grass fed cows.

Contains Milk, Soy and Fish.

Store in a cool, dry place. Expiry date specified on the base of the can. Keep the lid closed when not in use. Use contents within 4 weeks after opening. Do not use if freshness seal is damaged or missing. Powder may settle over time.

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