Dads raising daughters

Funny man, Dancing with the Stars presenter and father of two Dai Henwood has a pigeon pair of kids; one boy and one girl. He describes his boy as a very spirited child and his daughter as a very healing, happy child. As an only child with theatrical parents, he was brought up to have strong relationships with both men and women and saw gender as a fairly blurred line. 

So when he and his wife Jo had a boy first, they were really keen to not buy into gender norms of pink and blue and they opted for some grey marl and white. He says their gender neutral path didn't quite go to plan when his second child, a daughter was born; 

"The second she saw pink, it was all on. I don't know what it was... the second she saw pink and dolls she was right into it," says Henwood. 

Guest: Dai Henwood