Whether it’s managing the demands of multiple children, the challenges of working outside the home, or placing unrealistic expectations on yourself, there’s no doubt that parenting can be stressful. However, sometimes it’s important to slow down, to be in the present moment.

Mindful parenting means giving your children your full attention, and being non-judgemental and compassionate towards them and yourself. In such ways as:

  • Full and attentive listening – reading your child’s verbal and non-verbal cues
  • Non-judgemental acceptance of yourself and your child – helping you identify those automatic judgements that can negatively skew your parent-child relationship
  • Emotional awareness of yourself and your child – avoiding using your emotions – such as anger, shame and disappointment – to dictate disciplining your child. Instead, being aware allows you to be more accepting of your child’s emotions, and to react in a more sensitive way.