Fonterra Senior Nutritionist

My name is Rebecca Cannan and I am a senior nutritionist at Fonterra supporting Anmum. I’m also Auntie to Kate and Harry who are growing up fast!

I go to work with enthusiasm every day, as do the people I work with. We’re all involved with family and children in some way. As an Auntie that’s important to me, thinking about the children and the impact that our products can have. We are all just so committed to making great products and making them really nutritious for kids. When we’re making Anmum, it’s from our family to yours and what I would give to Kate and Harry if they were in my kitchen is always on my mind.

Working for Fonterra is important to me, as a nutritionist and as an Auntie. I know how my niece and nephew have grown and developed over the years and the important role that nutrition has had in supporting that growth and development and help them to thrive.

At Fonterra and Anmum, we are backed by robust science. I work with a group of fantastic scientists based in Palmerston North, and they know a lot about paediatric nutrition and I work very closely with them in terms of understanding what the nutritional and health needs of New Zealand children are. We then select the right vitamins, minerals and ingredients to address those needs and we take a lot of care in terms of choosing both safe and effective ingredients in the right amounts to add. We just think so carefully, we take such great care and I feel really reassured as I know the rigorous scientific background that the scientists I work with have, and how they’re really dedicated in helping me formulate great products for New Zealand children.

Our scientists in Palmerston North work very closely with Universities to undertake clinical research and at the start of any research program we always discuss safety and how we’re going to ensure that through the research that we do. By the time we’ve ended up with an ingredient that we put into Anmum PediaPro3, we’ve done the work to know that it is the right ingredient to put into our products from a nutrition point of view, but that it is also going to be safe for our little New Zealanders.

It’s a really important part of my job as a nutritionist, I really want to make a difference.