Extraordinary Feats Require Specialised Nutrition

Extraordinary Feats Require Specialised Nutrition


There is no experience more extraordinary than carrying a child. Your pregnant body is pushed to the limit even when resting, working as hard as a non-pregnant mountain climber.

And all this happens because you are powering your little one’s brain and muscle growth throughout the trimesters.


During pregnancy, your heart does 20 extra beats every minute than a non-pregnant body, like a boxer warming up. That’s because you’re pumping more oxygen and nutrients to your little one growing inside you.

With so many extraordinary changes taking place, your body definitely needs specialised nutrition to care for you during your 9 months of pregnancy. Find out how you can get this specialised nutrition for your pregnancy.  #AreYouGettingEnough

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There is a Simpler Way to Get the Right Nutrition

There is a Simpler Way to Get the Right Nutrition

Get Specialised Nutrition for Pregnancy Throughout the 9 Months of Your Extraordinary Journey

Every mum wants the best for her child. What can you do to give your little one a good head start even during pregnancy?

As you make your way through this wonderful journey of pregnancy, your body goes through many extraordinary changes. You need more nutrients now, so it becomes even more important to ensure that your body is fully nourished during these 9 months of pregnancy.

With so many extraordinary changes and a busy lifestyle, it can be challenging for a mum-to-be to get all the nutrients she needs from her usual diet. Secure the right head start for yourself and your little one in a simple way with Malaysia’s No.1 Pre-Natal Milk Powder Brand.*

Anmum™ Materna contains macro- and micronutrients combined with DHA and higher GA®1 for pregnant mums and the developing babies. Just two glasses in a day helps to fulfill 100%2 of your daily folate, calcium, zinc, vitamin B, B6 and B12 requirements during pregnancy!

#AreYouGettingEnough of these nutrients? Let us help you to meet your increased nutritional needs with Anmum™ Materna. Simply request a free sample, and we’ll deliver it to you within a week.


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*No. 1 Pre-natal milk brand based on Retail Audit for Health Food Drinks Category for 12 months ending July 2016 in Total Peninsular Malaysia (Copyright © 2016, The Nielsen Company (M) Sdn Bhd)

1 compared to previous formulation



Exclusive Promotion for Connected Mum Clubs Mothers

Exclusive Promotion for Connected Mum Clubs Mothers

The right nutrition is essential for a mum-to-be. Are you looking for specialised nutrition? Well, we have a special Mother’s Day deal just for you!

Get RM14* off on a purchase of Anmum™ Materna 650g (Plain/Chocolate) from Angel Land when you join the Connected Mums Club. Just sign up to receive your promo code, and enjoy even more benefits as a connected mum!

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