Bonding before birth

Toddler and Baby Bonding before Birth

When you’re welcoming a new addition to the family, it’s an exciting change for everyone. But how do you even begin preparing a two-year old for this?

How can you talk to your toddler about the new addition?

Once you've told your two-year-old he's going to have a sibling, you'll probably have several months to wait before the baby arrives. While you’re waiting, it’s best to allow your child to decide on how much he/she wants to talk about it or be involved in the preparations.  

You may notice that your toddler may not be keen to talk about the new sibling all the time. But when curiosity arises, make sure you encourage interaction. And don’t correct your toddler all the time. Toddlers are too young to understand about how pregnancy works anyway.

When you feel kicks, let your toddler feel it. Also, consider bringing your toddler when you go for an ultrasound scan, so you toddler is able to listen to the heartbeat. This little experiences can help your toddler to accept it gradually.

Be sure to keep things positive, especially around your toddler. Keep the sick-talk away from your toddler’s knowing. And when you do feel tired, you could say, “Carrying a little one is hard work. Mummy sometimes felt tired when you were growing inside too”. This may help your toddler to not only understand your fatigue, but the ability to connect with the new sibling because of the similarities you mentioned.