Trying again after loss

Pregnant woman eating healthily

Trying to conceive again after a miscarriage may land you in a cloud of doubt: Can I get pregnant again? What if I suffer another loss?

Rest assured, having these worries is perfectly normal but, understanding conception after a miscarriage will help you ease your mind. It may even increase your chances of having a full-term pregnancy.

Will it happen again?

You can definitely breathe a sigh of relief if the question of having another miscarriage is bothering you. Overall, the chances having of another miscarriage are pretty low.

Here are the statistics:

  • If you’ve suffered a miscarriage during your first pregnancy, you chances are similar as those who haven’t miscarried before at less than 15%

  • If you’ve had 2 miscarriages, there is about 25% chance you’ll have a miscarriage again, but the percentage is even lower if you’ve had 1 or more live births

  • If you’ve had 3 or more miscarriages, there is about 35% chance your next pregnancy will end in miscarriage

Taking no chances

Even though you’ve suffered a loss before, there are methods to increase your chances of carrying until full-term. Maintaining a normal weight, having a balanced diet and cutting down your caffeine intake are examples of ways to reduce the chances of having a miscarriage.

Also, if you’ve had 2 or more consecutive miscarriages, you will need to plan your next pregnancy more carefully and consult your practitioner if necessary.

The right time to try again

There is no one definite time to try conceiving again after a miscarriage. The same practitioner might even recommend two different waiting periods for two different women.

So, if you think you are physically and emotionally ready for another attempt, then you can pay your practitioner a visit and start your next conception plan.


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