Ready for motherhood!

Mother teaching son to read

The greatest journey any woman can take is awaiting you. With a few tips from us, you can gain a few insights into what’s expected and be ready for the road ahead.

After all, becoming a mom is an experience unlike any other, and we’re sure a new arrival will change your world in more than a few ways.

Here are some points that we hope can help you get closer to becoming a mummy:

You’re both ready

After discussing parenthood with your partner, you’ve agreed and come to the conclusion – this is the perfect time for you both to become parents! This is when you’ve decided you’re all ready and fully committed to starting a family.

You’re all set for things to change and both of you are happy to share your time and welcome a little bundle of joy into your lives. Once both you and your partner work perfectly as a team, it’ll be even easier. Plus, your relationship has never been more stable.

You’re financially ready

You spent some time looking into your finances, and the budgeting is all done. Even better, you have already begun saving up so you can give your child the very best. Need a few extra tips? Find out how to get financially ready here.

You’re physically ready

Beyond just being mentally ready, you’re taking great care of your body. In fact, you look great and feel even more ready than ever. You’ve checked your pre-pregnancy BMI (we’ve got instructions here) and it’s in the healthy region (between 18.50 – 24.99). Or, you’re already taking steps to make positive changes to your weight and gained an understanding of the likelihood of complications during pregnancy. Nutritional-readiness is also the order of the day, as the better prepared you are, the better it is for your child in the long-term! Get more nutritional tidbits from us here.

But those aren’t the only positive changes you’re making for the sake of your child’s future. Yes, you and your partner are now also cutting back on cigarettes and alcohol. In fact, upon successful conception you’re set to drop them altogether!

Ready when you are!

While some might say that no one can ever be fully ready to be a mother, we believe that being more ready will make it a whole lot smoother.

Plenty of research will help, as will talking to friends with young children or some babysitting. All these will give you an idea of being all prepared for parenthood!