Preconception planning for men

Healthy Food, Healthy Body

When it comes to conception and pregnancy, there is a lot of focus on you, the mummy-to-be – and rightly so.

But your partner plays a big role as well – his well-being will affect your success at conceiving, as well as the future health of your child. Here are some things to bear in mind to help ensure that the daddy-to-be is as ready to conceive as you are.

Healthy body

Has your great cooking made him a little rounder than he previously was?

Regular exercise will help him shed unwanted pounds, increase fertility and boost energy levels. If you work out with him, you can help keep him motivated as well as build your own strength for pregnancy and delivery.

At mealtimes, choose healthier and more nutritious food to further enhance the health benefits of working out.

Healthy mind

Is he having a tough time at work? You can make little romantic gestures to help brighten his day.

These can be something as simple as little love notes sent to him throughout the day via instant message. Or a relaxing massage when he gets home. Or even a quick weekend getaway together.

Lowering his stress levels not only helps increase sperm count, but will get him in a better mood for intimacy as well.

Medical check

A medical check is important not just for you, but for him as well. It will reveal any existing health conditions that could affect your pregnancy or your little one, and allow you address them as soon as possible.

Dos and Don’ts

Certain activities such as smoking, alcohol consumption, taking hot baths and spending time in the sauna can reduce fertility. Whenever possible, encourage him to wear cooling, loose-fitting pants.